Fruit pickers select and harvest fruits according to size, colour and ripeness. Fruit is picked in relation to the type of fruit. Check the regional harvest calendar to see which fruits are in season across the state.

What to expect

Fruit picking will involve:

  • early morning starts
  • being outdoors in all weather condiditons
  • standing for a long time
  • working well in a team
  • working flexible hours depending on weather conditions
  • carry work equipment, such as ladders, small containers or canvas drop cloths
  • working at heights.

Skills needed

You'll need:

  • to be fit and healthy, and self-motivated
  • follow instructions, and learn and apply new processes quickly
  • have good, clear communication skills
  • have knowledge of fresh produce.

How you'll make a difference

South Australia is a major horticulture producer and is recognised for its excellence in environmentally clean, safe and advanced agricultural production. By helping as a fruit picker you’ll play a part in supporting our state growth, keeping our food supply chains flowing, and create additional jobs.

Did you know:

  • South Australia is the only mainland state that is fruit fly free.
  • The state's diverse range of sub-climates means a wide range of fruits can be grown.
  • South Australia may be the driest state in the driest continent but is now a global leader in water use efficiency and irrigation systems.
  • South Australia produces more than 188,000 tonnes of citrus, including oranges, mandarins, lemons, limes, tangelos, tangerines and grapefruit.

How to find work

Jobs are available now in South Australia’s regional industries. Find out the key job boards to search for work and connect with relevant recruiters.