There are a number of ways to find a job in South Australia's regions. You can search the job boards, contact a recruiter, or sign up and we will connect you with South Australian seasonal and regional employers.

Search job boards

Use these key job boards to find seasonal and regional work in South Australia. Search for jobs in demand such as seasonal work, fruit picking, vineyard worker, chef or waitstaff.

Contact a recruiter

Providing real work, real experience for job seekers, school-leavers, seasonal workers, grey nomads and backpackers - these agricultural, tourism and hospitality recruitment agencies connect workers to seasonal jobs in regional, remote and rural South Australia.

Type of work available

There are many jobs available across primary industries, tourism and hospitality sectors for both skilled and unskilled workers. These jobs may include fruit and vegetable picking, working in a motel or caravan park, working as a farm hand, working in the hospitality industry, or forestry planting.