Work for every person

There are great lifestyle and financial benefits working in tourism and hospitality across regional South Australia - saving money, meeting new people, gaining unforgettable experiences and having an incredible adventure. You can find work at unique accommodation, world-class food and wine experiences, cafes, and country pubs, as well as diverse tourism operators, often located in the most stunning and iconic locations.

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Regional work calendar

Seasonal and regional jobs are available across South Australia's regions year round, with peak seasons for specific jobs and regions.

Types of hospitality and tourism work

Looking for work? South Australia’s tourism and hospitality sectors have work available all year round in South Australia's regions. Find out what to expect by exploring the types of work.

Incentives available

You may be able to access financial assistance up to $6k to help you relocate for short-term seasonal work, or a job in regional South Australia. Business may be able to access financial assistance to support quarantine requirements for the employment of Pacific Island workers.