For the outdoor lover

The Riverland offers outdoor adventures for the nature lover. Go house boating, a gentle kayak through lagoons, see more than 200 native birds, star gaze or enjoying the array of local produce and beverages.

Work available now in the Riverland

The Riverland is Australia’s largest vineyard, with around 60 per cent of South Australia’s wine grapes stemming from the region. It's also famous as the nation's third largest citrus producer with about a third of its 180,000 tonnes of fruit handpicked. Real work is available picking fruit such as oranges and stone fruit, and more.

How to find work

There are seasonal work opportunities as well as full-time agricultural, tourism, and hospitality jobs available now. Find out the key job boards to search for work and connect with relevant recruiters.
Cabins in natural setting.

Find accommodation in the Riverland

Across the five major towns that make up the Riverland are hotels, motels, caravan and cabin parks in town and around the lake as well as a backpacker hostels at nearby Kingston. There is very little camping facilities or hut accommodation on farms.

Incentives available

You may be able to access financial assistance up to $6,000 to help you relocate for short-term seasonal work, or a job in regional South Australia. Businesses may be able to access financial assistance to support quarantine requirements for the employment of Pacific Island workers.

Who can help?

If you’d like to talk to someone about working in the Riverland region, you can contact the local Regional Development Australia (RDA) Office to learn more about the Regional Workforce Coordination & Collaboration Program.