Work for every season

Almost every backpacker who has travelled through Australia has tried their hand at seasonal farm work.  Seasonal work in South Australia has developed a reputation amongst travellers from all over the world as the best time for their lives. That’s because it’s one of the best ways to meet new travel buddies, experience new regions and get to know the real South Australia, all while topping up your bank account.

Try your hand at real work, real opportunities. Start today!

Regional work calendar

Seasonal and regional jobs are available across South Australia's regions all year round, with peak seasons for specific jobs and regions.

Types of seasonal jobs

Looking for work? South Australia’s agriculture sector has work available all year round in South Australia's regions. Find out what to expect by exploring the types of work.

Incentives available

You may be able to access financial assistance up to $6k to help you relocate for short-term seasonal work, or a job in regional South Australia.