South Australia is recognised worldwide for the quality of its food, wine and agriculture produced across our diverse regions through our iconic brands, premium quality products, famous restaurants, cellar doors and tourism operators.

And with borders closed, our agriculture, tourism and hospitality industries are calling on workers to register as pickers, packers, waiters and tour guides to help keep our supply chains flowing, and our tourism across the regions thriving, so we can all continue to experience our great state.

If you are looking for work, there are seasonal work opportunities or full-time positions available across South Australia’s regions.

Your work will help these industries continue to operate and support local communities, while keeping the supply chains flowing and the state growing.

Industries growing our state and regions

Our diverse agricultural, tourism and hospitality industries are the backbone of the state.

Before COVID-19, South Australia’s food, wine and agriculture supported 115,723 jobs and contributed $15.9 billion to the state’s economy with a revenue of $15.2 billion. Tourism supported 40,500 jobs and contributed $8.1 billion in visitor expenditure.

You can help keep South Australia, our regions, industries and businesses growing by getting involved with Real Work, Real Experience.

About Real Work, Real Experience

Real Work, Real Experience is an initiative of the South Australian Government to support the uptake of seasonal and regional jobs in South Australia.

It is delivered by the Department of Primary Industries and Regions with the support of South Australian Tourism Commission, Department for Innovation and Skills, Department for Education and Regional Development Australia.

COVID-19 has affected many. Borders are closed and there have been job losses. South Australians are now looking for a job, travellers and students remain in Australia, and employers are looking for seasonal and regional workers.

We're here to connect people looking for a job with businesses needing staff. We're not a recruitment agency, but can refer you to job boards and recruiters, as well as everything you need to know to find real work.



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